Environmental Educator to Discuss Stream Studies

Article by: AdVantage News, (618) 463-0612

GODFREY | Healthy Streams and Their Ecosystems will dive into how the National Great Rivers Research and Education Center uses macroinvertebrates to determine the water quality of streams across the state. 

Host Allison Rhanor, environmental educator at the center, will also discuss the organization’s citizen science programs and how locals can get involved. This discussion will be at 7 p.m. Monday, April 30, at The Nature Institute’s Talahi Lodge, 2213 S. Levis Lane. 

Rhanor hopes guests will leave with a better understanding of local streams and the relationship between freshwater systems and people. Her goal is to do this by showing her personal interests in the topic. She said streams and river systems have always fascinated her.

“I enjoy looking at the environment holistically; particularly, where the lines blur between one ecosystem and the next,” she said. “Eventually, I chose stream ecology as fresh water is a commonality across ecosystems and every habitat within the watershed.” 

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