• Great Rivers Ecological Observation Network (GREON℠)

    Looking to expand beyond traditional monitoring activities, the Center has launched its Great Rivers Ecological Observation Network (GREON℠). The network uses water quality sensors which record near real-time measurements in order to help us better understand how the water quality of the Mississippi River and its tributaries is changing on both a short and long timescale. The GREON℠ program seeks to establish a network of real-time water quality monitoring platforms on great rivers around the world. 

    NGRREC℠ partnered with YSI Inc. to design and launch a monitoring buoy capable of real-time, continuous collection of water quality and phytoplankton data. The first YSI PISCES (Pontoon for In-situ Characterization of Environmental Systems) buoy launched in May 2013 on the Upper Mississippi River System. The buoys collect high-quality data on water temperature, oxygen, conductivity, turbidity, chlorophyll-a, blue-green algae, nitrate and weather information to be shared with scientists, managers and the general public through GREON℠